Register for the 9. Agile Cologne on 22.03.2019

The price of a ticket will be 89 EUR incl. VAT - given you get a place in the lottery ;-).

Here you can register for the upcoming Agile Cologne. Due to high demand we use a lottery system for selling the tickets. This is how it works:

Follow Up

  1. Fill out the form below until 31.01.2019 23:59.
  2. Confirm your e-mail address afterwards.
  3. We´ll start the lottery on 01.02.2019
  4. You´ll receive an e-mail if you won a ticket spot or you´re on the waiting list. 
  5. You buy your ticket (unless you´re on the waiting list) until 15.02.2019
  6. From 16.02.2019 on we´ll assign all unused ticket spots to the members on the waiting list.

Everybody needs to register on herself. A registration for the lottery of multiple people at once is not possible.

Please stay fair and register only once. This will reduce the work for us of eliminating duplicates.

I understand, that I register for a lottery for the option to buy a ticket. I´m aware that this is not a contract and does not generate any legal claim for a ticket. 

Yes, I agree that my data is electronically saved and processed in purpose of registration for the ticket option lottery of the Agile Cologne conference.