Agile Cologne 2019

The next edition of our Agile Cologne will be at 22.03.19. Our host will be again the Knowledge Center of the GS1 in Köln-Braunsfeld.

We had a lot of fun and exchange with you during the last editions. We are really looking forward to meet you all again and work on the current questions of the agile world including topics like Scrum, extreme programming or Kanban.

This event makes use of the Open Space Technology Format. Hence there will be no fixed agenda for the day, but you are asked to bring your topics. We will together craft from your sessions an agenda on the day of the event.

Of course there will be food and good coffee by Paul and his team. This is all included in the ticket price.

The registration will again be a lottery: Registration

Next events - save the dates!

Agile Cologne events are a continous series. The next upcoming dates are:

Agile Cologne 2019 spring at 22.03.2019

Agile Cologne 2019 autum at 13.09.2019

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