What is the Agile Cologne?

The Agile Cologne is a unconference around questions like "How and why do we want to work together?" and "How are we going to take responsibility for it?". Former topics where around buzzwords like agile, lean, new work, coaching, servant leadership, product ownership and management 3.0. We see more and more topics about mindfulness and sustainability.

How does the Agile Cologne work?

To enable a discussion in this width and depth we use a format inspired by Open Space Technology (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology). This way we support a fundamental part of working together and responsibility: autonomy. Everyone may put a topic on the agenda and everyone can decide by herself in a session to participate or not. Consequently there are no paid speakers, no call for paper and no agenda prepared in adcance. As organisers we only offer a highlevel theme as frame. Everything happing inside is created by you, the participants. To get an impression what you can expect, take a look at the video from the Agile Cologne 2017. It is a day with almost unlimited posibilities. Join us and lets create something absolutely wonderful and astonishing.

How can I contribute a session?

Just bring your topic to the event. You will have the opportunity to present a quick teaser to the whole audience and put it on the schedule yourself. As soon as you session starts you will have your audience, consisting only of curious participants eager to work and learn with you.

Do I have to bring a topic?

No. Everyone may, but your are not obliged. Many people use this opportunity of a safe space to put up their first session ever.

Which format shall I use for my topic or session?

Try to choose a format, that supports your topic or question. Many session are discussion, some use dedicated facilitation formats. Others hold a presentation, interview someone or do a workshop. If you need help, ask the crowd, there is plenty of know how and experience and people love to help.

Do I have to lead or facilitate my own session?

No. Although sessions are often facilitated by that hosts, thats not necessary. Your responsibility as session host is just to take care that your session takes place and people can find it. We also ask you to make sure that results are collected and secured. Again you don't have to collect the results yourself - just ask someone from your audience to do it.

Whats happening with the results of the session?

You can decide! We offer a space throughout the day where results can be colleced. This way a gallery of results of all session is jointly created. After the event it is up to you if you want to take any further action. We are always happy to see follow up session in future Agile Cologne events.

Is cancellation of my ticket possible in case I cannot participate?

Yes. Until 14 days before the event starts cancellation is possible. In the attendee area of Xing-Events (Teilnehmerbereich) there is a link called "cancellation options" in the details of your ordered ticket(s). This link leads to a website that leads you through the cancellation process. Xing-Events will charge a cancellation fee, that is automatically withdrawn from your ticket refund.

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